Thursday, March 17, 2011

Donate books at Gyaandaan

Eminent psychologist and educationist Dr Jawahar Surisetti has brought the social revolution called Gyaandaan that is rated by India Innovation Fund as one of the top 10 social innovations in the country to Chhattisgarh.
It has been seen that the various imbalances in the social structure force inequalities between the advantaged and the disadvantaged. While the well to do students throw away their books or sell it in the form of scrap, poor students leave their studies due to the lack of these books. Gyaandaan acts as a bridge between the disadvantaged and the advantaged to reduce these inequalities.
In this ingenious but simple innovation, Dr Jawahar collects all educational materials like books , notebooks,pens, compass boxes and any other material and creates a central library . It is from here that books that are required by students are issued to the needy for one academic year after which they are again brought back to the library to be reissued to another student.

Gyaandaan has helped more than 3000 students and has collected more than 10000 books in Maharashtra and an equal number in Chhattisgarh . This process of redistribution not just helps students who wish to study do so but also reduces the drop out rate. This year a pan India effort is on.

Please send the books to Religion of youth, 305, Exotica Royal, Opposite TV Tower, Anupam Nagar, Raipur-492007, India